Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tunlai khawvel celebrity lar thar Susan Boyle

A hmel tha hran lem lo hle, mipa hmel a an mai bakah a sam kir buk deuh luih dan hian tunlai fashion mil a ni mawlh lo. A hmelah ngaihno bei hmel a lang lo. A chezia hrim hrim pawh mipangai a ang meuh lo. Hetih chung hian kum 2009 Britain's Got Talent show-ah first edition turin a rawn lut ve a. Judge pathum Simon a, Amanda, Piers-te mai bakah mipui zawng zawng hmelah nuihzatna leh hmusit hmel a lang a. Simona pawhin tiel zawng deuh deuhin zawhna a han zawt a. Kum 47 lai a ni bawk si, thingtlang khaw lian deuh chhuak mai a ni bawk si...! A han zai ta chiah mai chu, a mak a makin mipuiin leh Judges ten hmel a danglam nghal vek mai a ni. He nu hian khawvel a deng chhuak ta tlat si.

Khawvel pum huap a mipui hlut show ropui tak tak (American idol, X factor etc) a awm fo tawh. First Audition atang lar nghal hi an awm meuh lo. Mahse, Susan Boyle lar dan hi sawi thiam mai piah lam a ni. Youtube-ah hian hit sang ber pawl Barack Obama’s inauguration speech kha a khum chiang hle. (A hit zat hi youtube ah lo en mai ula). TV show lian ber berin an bawr luih luih tawh a, Larry King Live -ah alang tawh a, Opray chuan kawm ngei tumin a hel mek bawk a. Hollywood director lar in an beisei nghal em em mai bawk a, a chanchin hi movie in siam ngei an tum bawk a. Tunlai khawvel a lar dan hi hrechiang duh chuan han google mai teh u. India ram kan chanchinbu lian ber ber pawhin an ranw tarlang chuai chuai mek a ni.

Kohhran zaipawl member hlun niin Pathian a chawimawi thin a. A hun takah Pathianin chawimawina a hlan niin ka hria. Tin, tunlai celebrity ho, atak aia alem a nung, fashion leh thil chi hrang hrang nen chawhpawlh ho ai hian he nu hi a "real" zawkin ka hria. Tunlai media ho ten a lem hmanga mipui min bawl nuai nuaina karah hian khawvel mipui ten milem kan ning tan a, mahni nihna ang taka lang ngam hi kan ngaisang thar hle dawn niin a lang. He nu hian media ho ten image an siam mai bakah khawvel mipui ten inner beauty an hlut thar leh dawn niin alang tiin chanchinbu pakhat chuan a tarlang a ni.

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Calliopia said...

Susan Boyle hi chuan don't judge a book by its cover tih thufing kha a rawn tarlang fuh khopin ka hria. Nia pawnlam landan hi tehfung tha ber hi chu a lo ni lo a ni. Mahse he nu poh hi a inla spauh sawt ve viau tho mai. Nalh hi chu kan duh tlang ve bok ani.

I video min thawn kha ka lawm ltk e, pu epis. I zarah chinchang kan lo hriat phah nasa :)

Zorami said...

zaithiam khop mai he nu hi! "dnt judge a book by its cover" (I know it's cliched) an tih ag deuh kha ni in ka hria:-)
awwwwiiii...Calliopia comment ka chhiar chiah tunah khan khimi phrase khi hmu ve leh chiah ka nuih za ltkk..mahse ka edit don lo mai..copy-cat ah min lo chhiar suu ooo plizz hehe!!

codeAries said...

Paul Potts pawh kha a audition kha chu a turu e!!!

Susan Boyle hi vawiinah ringawt vawi 20 chuang ka lo ngaithla tawh a, thiam ka ti hle a niang. A hla sak 'I dreamed a dream' tih satu(te) Les Miserable ho concert pawh ka download zo leh chiah toh a; tin, chawhma lam khan Elaine Page hla ka download bawk a :)

Susan Boyle leh Paul Potts te hian 'Mi an landan ringawt' a judge lo turin thufing min rawn zirtir hlein ka hria.

vana said...

a ngaihnawm kher mai, pu epis a nge nge, kei lah Ta pek hian ka lo la en mianhlo a

Zaia said...

A zaithiam ngawt mai. A audition video kha ka en ve tawh a, a innocent ziate khaw aw!!


Calliopia: Season 3 hi kan lo download leh dawn nia auh..:)

Zorami: hehehe..I copy lo reng reng tih ka hria alawm..nang chu i ori top ni mai.,.:)

codearies: A ni ngawt mai, susan boyle lar dan em em hi ngaih titha lo zawk alawm...engemaw boruak tak chu a siam ve a ni.

vana: lo en ve ngei ngei rawh, India ram chanchinbu lianah pawh lang nasa tawh mai. he nu hi dangdai ve tlats..

Zaia: A nih ang anga, a rawn kal tawp a, fiamthu a duh hmel a,naupang ho ten an ngainat ka ring khawp mai.

faka said...

He nu chungchang hi chu kan hre ta nual a, thuhran ni se, i rawn ziah dan hian mi a chawk tho viau mai a, hotupa!

Thinchhia said...

'A hun takah Pathianin chawimawina a hlan' ka duh tlat he tawngkam hi.
Larry King Live ah ka enfuh hlauh a,tunge mawnile te ka tia,a lo lar hle sia.

Geminiboyz said...

I rawn ziah avang hian chiang zawkin a zai ka lo ngaihthla leh ang

OpaHmar said...

Flawless kha an thiam ka ti zawk

An entertaining zawk, Susan hi chu talented viau mahse type chi hi a awm ve a

Sekibuhchhuak said...

He nu zai audition ka en khan, ka hmu thi a ding chum chum thei ! A lawmpui awm khawp mai.

Hei vang hi ani, Reality show ho hi hmuhnawmka tih thina pakhat chu. Full of surprises!


faka: thanks..mihring danglam deuh hian nunah thu an sawi ve fo asin. he nu pawh hi danglam ka ti tlats..

thinchhia: A nia sin, amah hi kohhran zaipawlah thahnem lo ngai viau thin a. A zai thiam hmangin Pathianin a chawimawi ni tlat ten ka lo hre ve.

Geminiboyz: A zai kha lo ngaithla ngei ngei rawh..

Opahmar: ni e choice hi awm ve alawm ti raw. He nu zaithiam ka tih ai mah chuan, mi rilruah thu a sawi nasa hi mak ka ti a.

sekibuchhuak: Mizoramah reality show rilru khawih deuh deuh hi siam zir ve se han ti ngawt ila, mizoram a kan neihte hi hmuhnawm hlawm khawpin ka hria.

r_colny said...

ka la ngaithla fumfe chiah lo a,a zaithiam leh thiam loh thu pawh ka hre chiah lo,,,chu ai mah chuan miram a mi talent te ho vanneih bik zia hi chu aw tih min ngaihtuah tir ta mai2 zawk,,,,,,zankhat thil thuah khawvel an nghawr chhuak maia - pian leh murna mual hi chuan ramri hi a lo kham zau deuh a lo ni,,

Anonymous said...

parf ad athuga:)

Anonymous said...


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