Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My School Days

Many children in Mizoram do not have the opportunity to go to good schools. I was one of those kids. The school I attended was located in a small village called S.Vanlaiphai in the Hnahthial district of south Mizoram. As you see, lack of proper infrastructure is obviously visible, but i think it has opened many doors for me in my career. I'm fortunate enough to be able to continue my studies while most of my classmates were not able to do so.

I miss my school days sometimes. I had a lots of fun and also bad experiences at the same time. I can clearly recollect two unforgettable incidents. The first incident was “school naupang bal berah” min thlang kha a ni”. I felt really ashamed. The whole class laughed at me, including my best friend. I guess its hard to imagine that a boy of that age could feel shame.

Pahnihna chu - Mizorama kan MLA Pakhat ( a thi tawh a, a hming sawi lo mai ang) in kan school hi a rawn tlawh dawn a, kan lo inbuatsaih nasa hle a. Chal mawm hlarh in tel rimtui kan inchulh a, kan in khuih pial ve zan a. A rawn thleng a, class room chhungah thaw dep depin kan lo thu ve a, min en vang vang a, ka pa hming min zawt a. Ka pu “Pa ka nei lo” tiin ka chhang a. “Pa nei lovin, i piang thei dawn em ni” tiin an thuihruai te nen chuan an nui ta chiam a. Vawikhat mah khatiang khan min chhang mai mai tawh suh min ti zui bawk. Ka chhang duhdah emaw a ti a, mahse a tisual chiang khawp mai. Eng boruak nge ka kaltlang reng a hre lo. I don't think that he showed much concern for me. So far, this was the worst insult that had ever occurred in my whole life.

Earlier, I was a bit shy to talk about my academic background. Sometimes I felt uncomfortable when I compare my background with others. Some friends often tell me that they did their schooling in Monfort or other prestigious schools in Mizoram or outside Mizoram. I always thought that I could have done better if I had attended good schools in my younger days.

Recently I’ve started realizing that merely a good background doesn't make good people. There are times when I excel and do much better in academics or in any other field than compared to those friends. I do achieve many things beyond my dreams. I never thought I would reach this point. I Thank God for all his blessings. God always knows what is best for me. Now, I no longer hesitate to talk about wonderful experiences that i had during my school days. I will always cherish those experiences for the rest of my life.

Education is not just about getting degrees, but it is a continuous process of learning. If you don't grow or if your progress is slow, one day some people (poor backgrounds) will do better than you. If you have a good background, why don't you try harder? Else you might end up being referred to as “an empty drum that only makes loud noises.”

(Notes: These photos are kind of the story of my life. Each photo has a great memory attached to it.)


Calliopia said...

Pu epis, I know a lot of people who didn't go to good schools yet have more brains,smarts,presence of mind,ambition and are successful in their choices of fields than many who attended good schools but didn't amount to anything much. I've found it's not really the schools you attended as much as what is inside of you and what you make of yourself. I'm so glad you're no longer ashamed talking about your past. Instead, keep emphasising the hard climb you've had up the ladder and people will open up to you more easily and trust you more. At least, I do :)


Calliopia: Thank you for the encouraging comment! I wanted to encourage people no matter who we are and no matter what our background,there is always a chance of winning in life. for success we need dedication and continuous effort.

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Pu Hruaia, ni e, School tha a kal theih chu a lawmawm khawp ang nga, nimhsela, hlawhtlinna ani ber si lo. Kan mi hlawhtling hmasa tam takte pawh kha, zirna sikul tha lemlo atanga lo chawr chhuakte an ni fur hlawm mai. Inhlawh pah a sikul kal tihte, an ngaihsawn awm thin.

Ni e, thangthar zawkte fuih nan i hun hman tawhte hi a tangkai khawp ang le.

chhangte_ll said...

Han chhut kir vang vang la hmanlai a kan 'Mizo Milian' tamtak te kha Sikul thachhuak chu anni lo tawp asin. Degree hmuh zawng a awl mahse notes tlem azawng vawn bel chuan tu pawn an hmuthei alawm. Mahse thiamna chu zir uluk deuha neih chi chauh ani.

Woodstock leh DPS a lehkha zir chhuak kan college kal lai khan ka hre teuh thin , mahse englem tunah hian an nih ka hre lem hlie lo a.

Ka cuz tute nen khan nge inzir hoo ang aw. Paula, Pahuma, Hunga, leh Rammuanna te unau zingah khan.

eszet said...

hey U Taite, i agree with Calliopia. its wats insyd u & wat u mke of urself tht wl eventually shine thru'. i kno lots of ppl who "have" fathers and are rich, yet they haven't gotten too far in life. So be proud of ur background and where you're from..look at where u r now!! So proud of you my big bro' ;)


Sekibuhchhuak: Thian thenkhatte leh ka bula mizo awmte, background tha tak tak nei ho hi han tang deuh se, an turu dawn thin hian ka hre thin lutuk a..! Hetih lai hian background tha lem lo pawh, tum ruhna leh taimakna a awm chuan kawng a awm zia tarlan nan leh chung mite encourage nan ka ziak a ni e.

Chhangte; A dik khawp mai. I cousin-te hi ka hre vek a, mahse ka classmate an ni chiah lo. Muana hi kei ai chuan naupang leh deuh hlek si a nia. Mahse, kan inkawm ngeih viau.


eszet: bepte; Thanks. Not sure if you’ve ever gone through something similar, but you know you have to keep going..!That's what life is all about.

Philo said...

Your recollections read like Homi Bhabha's biographical preface to the Routledge edition of 'Location of Culture,' 1994 (2006). Not necessarily in style but your investments in your research are a lot more poignant and compelling.
ps: politicians never deserve your attention to detail!!!

illusionaire said...

Some of the biggest success of today started from simple beginnings. Always keep that in mind Pu Hruai. Upbringing plays a minor part, and what counts is yourself eventually. Look at how many of our Mizo kids who were studying in some of the best schools in phai now. Some have died from drugs OD, while others are doing absolutely nothing at home. The percentage of successful people from good schools is extremely small, and people who come from smaller schools always overtake them because they have determination, something that others dont have.

And that was a really bad insult and I am glad you have not allowed that incident to eat your soul away. That is truly admirable, hotupa.

Raldawna said...

Tiau kama paing leh seilian, vannneih asiama vairama awm ve mai mai hi chuan engkim mai hi tlai takah ka ti vek mai a nih hi. Delhi atanga haw ve pawhin Gauhati lam atanga haw chuan ni 4-5 lai ka thang bawk a..ka inthiam lo hran love. Dan pangngaiin a tha thin. Mizo ho hian self-introspection hi kan uar vak lo. Identity leh self motivation lam phei chi chu...sawi lo mai teh ang....

Shahnaz Kimi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shahnaz Kimi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shahnaz Kimi said...

There are lots of things that we all went through in our childhood and early years of development that always haunts us. I can feel your pain, but I am proud that you have conquered the ghosts of your past.

If it makes you feel better, I was also voted the "bal ber' during school assembly once or twice cos I never made it to school without fighting with someone who used to call me names, and I was also known to be the 'kawlh ber' cos I could never accept the bullying by other kids. My mother used to tie my hair and dress me up, but by the time I got to school, I looked like a child out of the jungle.

When I look back and when I see those people who used to bully me, I actually feel bad seeing them cos I am able to steer my life because of my intelligence and my ambitions, and they are nowhere near to where I am today though they used to have a lot of power over me when I was young or I thought they did.....or they thought they did......

Like the friends who encouraged me to be who I am today, those who mocked at me actually contributed and contribute to the person I am today. Somehow I am thankful to them for making me the person I am today because I can feel humanity, and I am a very balanced person who can see right or wrong done to humans. Therefore I am...

I look forward to seeing you and seeing your work published Helen Kellar says.."keep you face to the sunshine and you will never see a shadow"...and "It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision."
God Bless...

Puia said...

Ekhai, thianpa, Engkim mai hian hmun leh hun a nei vek a. Kan pian chhuahna hmun leh seilenna chu kan duhthusam reng vang a ni lo thei bawk a. Chuvangin engkimah hian kan thlirna kotlang hi a pawimawh ber a, chu ai chuan keimahni ngei mai hi kan pawimawh ber fo a ni.

Mizoten education kan hrilhfiah dan hi a dik tawk chiah lova hriatna ka nei ve bawk. Thiamna hi mahni zirchhuah theih thil a ni a, Finna erawh pianpui thil a ni a, tihpun thiam dan a zirin a hmantlakin a hman tlak lo ve thei bawkin ka hria.

Sikul tha ber ber leh College tha ber bera zirchhuak te ai mahin mahni phak ang tawka Sikula seilian, tumruh tak leh in zir peih mi hi an hmantlak zawk a, an hlawhtling tam zawk niin ka hria. Khawvela miropui ber bera kan ngaihte pawh hi chutiang chhuak chu a tam zawk a ni duh khawp mai. Zam tur a ni lo.

Thiamna te, Finna te hi tihpun a nih si loh chuan a tangkai rei chuang lo va, miin a phak tawka a thiamna leh finna a tihpun hian midangten an chhawr tangkai mai thin a ni.

Ka tet laia kan Sikul phei chu sawi lo mai ang, Mahse kan zirtirtute erawh an khirh em em vek thung. Chu chuan zirlaite nungchang erawh a thunun tha khawp mai. Material lam aiin moral lam hi a pawimawh zawk a nih dawn hi mawle.


Philo: I haven't read this book yet. But I've seen the video of his lecture on "A global of Measure: Writing, Rights and Responsibilities". very Interesting Indeed. i'm not a hardcore postcolonial fan, but I do love many of their ideological suppositions.


Illutionaire: thank you for prompt and thoughtful comments.

Raldawna: A dik khawp mai. Mizoramah thingtlang leh khawpui space a lian tial tial mek a. Hetah tak hian kan awmna space ai mah hian mihring drive hi a pawimawh chang a awm ve fo thin. Self-observation hi kan neih ve fo a tulin ka hria..chu chuan, kan thiltihah confident min pe thei fo in ka ring. thx

Shahnaz Kimi: Thank you for sharing your story . It made me feel better to know that I'm not the only one who has gone through this.

Puia: Thianpa, i kaltlang tawh te ngaihtuah chuan ka chanchin sawi hi inthlahrun awm viau zawk mai. Nang chu i tum a ruh lehzual a, mahse i kaltlang tawhte hi nangma tan chuan "chakna" a nih ka ring tlat a ni. I chanchin i sawi chang apiangin midang te tiphurtu a nih thin ka ring..!

luliana said...

Hmanah chuan lehkha zir san ngawr ngawr hi hlawhtlinna emaw ka ti thin. Ka zir sang tulh tulh a, a nih loh zia ka chiang tulh tulh. Chu ai chuan eng ang mihringah nge kan chhuah, society anga kan nun ho na a midangte tana tangkai kan nih hi a pawimawh zawk fe. Lehkha thiam chuan advantage chu an nei ngei mai, mahse lehkhathiam khawtlang a laktlak miah loh an awm ve teuh tho. Tin, zirna sikul leh college ai chuan mihring bawk hi kan lo pawimawh.

Ziak ngaihnawm khawp mai. Chuan politician i sawi khi chu a politician uanau dangte ang bawkin a nikhua vak lo nih khi...mawl lutuk!!


luliana: i comment hi ka ngaihdan chiah chiah a ni. Hman deuh khan enge lehkhathiam kan tih thin te tih chungchang Mizoram chanchinbuah ka ziak a. Mi hlawhtling kan tih thin tawngkam phei hi chu deconstruct that hle ngaiin ka hre thin. Education tum bulpui hi kan kalsan lutuk fo thin. Banking zawngin kan tlan nasa, kan productive thei lo. Chubakah capitalist ethic in kan tlan nasa lutuk a. mahni inhaivurna a nasa tial tial a. Thangthar mahni lehkha zirlaia ti thei fu fu, midang tan hnawksak lem lo, tangkai chuang bawk hek lo..individual satliah kan tam...kan ram hi resource generate nan ringawt hman hi dik ka ti ve thei lo. Keimahni leh chhungkua mai bakah ram ran productive zawnga kal hi pawimawh khawp mai.

Hman deuh khan Mizo Univ student ka thiante an prof te chanchin ka zawt a, pakhat chu a thiam lutuk an ti a, eng tin tia ka zawh chuan, english a thiam lutuk a, zuk ti teh ngawt a. A productive em tih lam kha an manghilh hmiah mai nia.

faka said...

I don't have any better background than you, hotupa. I don't deny that background sometimes matters. But what really matters is the 'person' inside you. It all depends on the way how we make use of our potentials. It's indeed an encouraging post!


Faka: Thank you for your input. Yes, Mariah Carey’s Hero reminds us that there's a hero inside everyone.

Zaia said...

Nice post, hotupa.. I guess your school was far better than mine. You got well painted benches!!
I post chu.. Reflection of Passion blog-a post awm tak a ni chiang e..


Zaia: Thanks, These pictures were taken during my last visit in november 2008. This is not the same building that i used to attend in my school day. Kan kal hunlai chuan, kan school bang hi dap a ni a, tin dawhkan hi rawng hnawih a ni lo. A chhuat hi lei bawk a ni.

vana said...

Im touched. Mahni nun a thil thleng ziah ngam hi huaise ka tih zawng. A ngaihnawm hle mai. Sikul tha a kal nazawng hi an hlawhtling kher lo. Lehkha chu zir a thiam a ni a, a zir peih leh taima apiang hi an hlawhtling thin ni ber hian ka hre thin

r_colny said...

upa tak te chu la ni bik chiah lo mahila-'kan sikul kal lai hun kha' ti thei ve rual kan ni ve uaih tawh mai si a, hun hi zong a lo liam ve nasa toh teh zawng a ni e. Hlimtawp hlau lo a lenna ram kan nghahhlelh te pawh hi khang hun khan kn lo chen lawk tawh a mi aw te a tih theih rum2 mwi. rilru fim leh thiang, engmah pawlh loh leh dal lo kha rilruah hian a bo thei mai niloin a ral ngai tawh dawn lo a... a ngaihnawm hle mai, eng eng emaw zawng kan 'u' hian i lo hrut ve nasa hle mai maw !!!!


Vana: thanks, ni e, taimakna leh tumruhna hi pawimawh ber ve fo thin.

r_colney: school kal lai kha lo nuam ber mai ti rawh..rualawt vak lova awm kha lo nuam ber mai.

avena said...

Great post!! mi dang tan "inspiration" tha tak lo ni zel teh se....


avena: thanks..dam tha zel maw..hna te tluang zel em?

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